We named our Octo

:welcome: Cloe! Love the name! Has yours been hiding? Egor has been holed up in the back of a cluster of barnicles since Sat. night homecoming. He really has no need to emerge with all the crabs in the tank. What are you feeding? It's so exciting to have a new baby! Unfortunately, I havent seen Gimpy in over a week now. She's holed up with eggs. We shined a flashlight and saw quite a large cluster.

Hi Carol, Glad to know you have another octo. Yeah mine is hold up some were. Cleo is currently MIA. but when she does appear she eats thawed frozen shrimp or scallops. She was in a large clam shell i had but i guess i drove her nuts watching her with the flashlight:razz: No fish missing yet, but I have a ton of hermit crabs and snails in the tank, so she doesn't need me yet :roll: but she, will I hope. Sunday made a week YEAH. Can't believe I missed having octos so much:smile:
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