Mar 3, 2007
This is my new octo.No name yet.He can change color in an instant and is not at all fact he seems quite nosey:biggrin2:
Sorry there not brill photos but will try for some more later






Biddle arrived on March 11 2007. He's definitely grown, maybe doubled in size which makes him, curled up the size of a silver dollar? Has those same colorations as yours, but very skittish at times especially if one of my children are at the the tank with me. It's like he knows who I am but is very wary of strangers. Reminds me of a dwarf, but someone said the spikiness and dramatic color changes is very vulgaris. So I don't know what he is yet. Does yours have any eyespots?
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No eye spots,very quick dramatic colour changes and quite bold.He has obviously lost one leg which has jst started growing back..its about 1'' long,the others are 9-10".:biggrin2:
I have no idea where he was caught..the shop owner didn't know.:roll:

What temp do you keep Biddle at?
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Well, welcome "no name"! Beautiful!

I'm planning for Cuttles, but I can clearly see by all the terrific Octo pics lately that I'm going to have to Octo-proof my tank as well. :wink:
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Biddle's tank temp is 72. He is starting to get into much mischief. Dismantled the bubble filter. Notices some rocks relocated, but he still can be very skittish. Not friendly and out going like yours at all unless it's just me at the tank. Interesting.
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I was hoping someone would help me. I am new at keeping octopi and am contemplating purchasing either an o.vulgaris; o.briareus; or and o.bimaculodes. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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zombie;93663 said:
also, wouild someone point me in the direction of credible plaes to purchase octopi?

:welcome: to TONMO!

The "octopus availability" thread is the best place to find the latest info on where to purchase animals. It sounds like you need to do a lot more research to decide what you want, though: a tank suitable for a briareus or bimac is way too small for an adult vulgaris, for example... unless you have a huge tank prepared, probably the right course of action is to get a tank suitable for a bimac or briareus (55-75gal) to the point where it's set up, cycled for 3 months, and octo-escape-proof and then check for availability when the tank is ready for the animal. Check out the "ceph care articles" in the left side of the menu bar at the top of the page for a lot of details, if you haven't already.
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Thank you for the advice. I have kept a few octopi over the past 7-8 months. Currently I have a blue ring in a 30gal cube, and a 14gal oceanic biocube prepped and awaiting a juvenile ?????? Recently had a vulgaris, but a room mate goofed on a water change (RIP) when I was out of town. The common seemed the friendliest and most social of the 3 I had (the third being a bali).
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14G isn't big enough for ANY octopus! I know you say for a juv, but you'd do better to get a bigger tank prepped (50G for a Bimac) and just put the octi into it staight away, too much transferring is extremely stressful for an octopus.

BTW just curious, does your roommate know how toxic a BR is???? :biggrin2:

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