[Video]: Sepioteuthis juveniles; 2 days +

And a few more... there are lots and lots and lots of them...

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.... how moved I am, um...., that you'd warm an old mans heart with an image of the one-and-only Neil as your avatar.

The sideburns and chest hair may be gone ... but he lives on. I've got a new DVD of his live at the Aquarius theatre (I think a 1988 concert) - he sings 'Carry that weight', a Beatles tune ... tiz marvelous; have not found it released on any album (could be coz koo-koo Jackson owns the copyright???? ... something like that).

Will slumber well this eve.

Those squid go on public display tomorrow; a big day it is. We'd experienced ~ 0.25% mortality/day, and that was probably because the lil' fellas got sucked into the protein skimmer. Rectified that, so we'll see what happens tomorrow.
Steve O'Shea said:
.... how moved I am, um...., that you'd warm an old man's heart with an image of the one-and-only Neil as your avatar.

How appalled (yet unmoved) I am, um..., that you'd soil the fair pixels of TONMO with such images. If you'll excuse me, I'll just be cleaning the barf out of my keyboard.
um... said:
Glad to see that everyone approves.

One must disregard TTF's outburst; I have since flushed her mouth with soapy water and a used loo brush!

Went in to feed the babies today, and two of them decided to tackle a large shrimp together... I didn't actually see whether one went for it, and another joined in, or whether they both went simultaneously, but neither was willing to give up. They were still locked onto opposite ends when I left. They didn't seem to be fighting (although one was clearly dragging the other around the tank), so perhaps cooperative feeding on large prey items (as has been suggested for Moroteuthis feeding on large fish) is a possibility?
Wouldn't have wanted to be the shrimp though... :goofysca:



The largest squid are now 3-4x the size of the smallest, and thankfully the egg mass from which they were hatching is exhausted (as in no more squid for ~ a week, at least until the next egg mass starts to hatch :| ). There would be at least 400 on display right now.

Mortality is basically zero (pretty much unprecedented success), but their ever-changing dietary requirements are such that a full tides (4hrs) collecting of live foodstuffs today is already exhausted (in ~ 1hr). Moreover, growth is so fast that I don't believe the mysid shrimp that we've been feeding them are any longer appropriate in either nutritional value or size, so tomorrow we're about to collect (hopefully) a squillion small, introduced fresh-water fish species (Gambusia), otherwise known as the mosquito fish, that can tolerate marine salinity, and a trillion glass shrimp to keep them going through this next rather-challenging week.

The squid went on public display a couple of days ago, and hordes of people gather to look through the viewing window; basically people like squid. Makes me feel rather good. Still haven't got around to posting pics though; I am slack; you can hit me with a rotten fish come TONMOcon!

Here's hoping there are a few more Tonmo recruits as a consequence! There's nice TONMO signage there.
They're getting a little larger now.

Pics of the tank setup (0.8m diameter, 1 m height), squillions swimming around, absolute gluttony and a few close ups (still hard to focus on the moving guys).



We haven't done an algae clean yet .... and it's been a few months for one of the tanks.

The squid are nearing 3 weeks old now (some of them); some are only 3 days old, so there's a huge discrepancy in size in the tank.

We tried glass shrimp yester as an appropriate food, and the squid lunged at them, devouring them. Unfortunately the Gambusia (freshwater fish, supposedly tolerant of salt) lasted only a few minutes, but they were also snaffled up pretty quickly.
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