[Video]: Sepioteuthis juveniles; 2 days +

Well, they're 150+ days today, pigs, ungrateful little so-and-so things! I only had a few mins with the camera - long story - so couldn't set things up (lighting) to get a good shot. One of these days we'll get better pics online.

Just to let you know that the little sods haven't bellied up on us, continue to pig out, foul their tank something terrible (causing no end of filtration problems), and are now split between 4 tanks.

Will have to let more go soon.



These are interesting pics! Your little ones seem to be doing very well - congratulations!

How big are they now? I can't tell very well from the photos.

If you'd like to see a little more of the baby Sepioteuthis, try the following link. Go to my picture on the staff page and click the wee icon below that says 'video'. Of course I do my rant and rave about fisheries as well - sorry to subject you to all of that.

Try the following (hope it works)

We had a bit of an accident a couple of nights ago and lost almost all of our squid in one go. Down to 4 or 5 now. Sadly somebody working down there overnight cut through the airlines when installing new equipment, and didn't realise what they had done, until many many hours later.

Come morning I had a few corpses.

RIP squiddies. We're about to start from scratch again, and have new squid eggs in tanks (beach cast yesterday after a moderate blow), and I'm going to brave the rather cold mid-winter water today and try and collect some more (we're into the mid-winter spawning season right now).

Same old same old, Sepioteuthis, but there are, I reckon, quite a few other squid around the coast right now (lots of species seem to have 2 spawning events/year).
I'm really sorry to hear that Steve......how frustrating!

When I first started I worked on clams (at least they're molluscs :biggrin2: ) and I had carefully stained some (I was validating the periodicity of the growth increments) and one of the other people round the lab fed them to his starfish :x (I'd been growing them for 8 months and only had 1 month to go before the end of the expt :x :x :x ) So I know how you feel.....but what can you do? accidents happen !

Good luck with the collecting


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