Very Tiny Octo


Feb 27, 2003
ok as you know i got this Bimac from fishsupply, when it arrived I was shocked at how small it really was. When i got Sam she was three times the size of this octo..... I ordered the 2-2 1/2 month old tank raised octo. It arrived in perfect condition, very active and had a hard time acclimating it, it wanted out of the bag!!!!!!!!!So off it went. It is doing so well but Im nervous about how small it really is, its mantle isnt even a 1/2 inch and it could sit on a 50 cent pc with no problem. It hunts Amphs and cops but i put small ghost shrimp in the tank for him, but i dont think he can catch them. He does some unusal things too, like streches out btw the LR and the glass like a spider web :?: He is all over the tank, and hides alot due to his size. He seems to be doing very well, but his size has me worried about him eating, is there anything i can give to him just to make sure he is eating ??????
Being that small, make sure he doesn't climb or get sucked into your filter. Although bimacs escaping from tanks are rare, make sure that your tank is covered very tightly.
Feeding it is going to be a problem, if you want to feed it amphipods, you can order them online @
How about tiny hermit crabs? Also, Ink likes the frozen prawn and some come in really tiny sizes. Sounds really cute!!! Good news is it is very obviously a baby so hopefully you will have more time with it!!!


Thanks!!!! Im really happy :biggrin2: :biggrin2: for Jam has eaten two of the hermits i put in there, i think, the shells are empty and he has taken up home in Sam's old rock 8) For the first time today he has made himself visible from the front of the tank, hanging upside down sleeping :smile:

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