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Sep 4, 2006
Cape Coral, FL
I am afraid I may have started in the wrong forum to garner attention :wink:

I am not great at intros but I would really appreciate any help I can coax to review our tank setup before we start adding water so here is my background. If my experience and skills are of inerest, please contact me on the tank question site (sorry, but I have been writting a lot of cover letters for resumes recently).

We (spouse, dogs, tanks, older son ...) are located well inland in Gainesville, GA. Saltwater tanks were an on again off again thing for about 10 years in the early 1970's and 1980's. Bleached dead corals and dolomite substrates for those that remember. More recently but still historically, I found a great buy on a 4' tall 28 gallon hex tank and kept a variety of fresh water critters for a couple of years. Somewhere along the line I heard that dwarf seahorses could be kept in a small tank. We managed to kill two pair of horses during our salt tank adventures and I was hesitent but excited to try the dwarves. That was 4 years ago and an internet world away from our first tanks.

Today we successfully keep multiple saltwater tanks and currently have:

(1) 140 gallon seahorse/reef tank - our newest enjoyment - a year long project and still finishing the lighting
(2) 45 gallon reefs (one cold for colder water seahorses, one reef with dwarf lion fish). Fresh water conversions with 10 gallon sump/fuge
(1) 28 gallon hex (originally the fresh water tank I mentioned, replumbed and running but empty of most sealife)
(1) 8 gallon nano running but nothing alive inhabiting - currently
(1) 15 gallon nano mini reef - most livestock now in 140
(2) picos one called the "undesireables tank" intentionally containing aptasia, large brissles and bubble algae. The other contains a single dwarf horse.

My generation X son (the generation that keeps coming back home) also has a 65 gallon FOWLR preditor tank and a hermit crab aquarium.

With the sucess of the horses, we are now willing to try something I have wanted since I was an early teen. I have found that there are far fewer books and sites to help with "best practices" for keeping an octopus but I did find TONMO so here I am.

If I haven't fully bored you (and even if I have), PLEASE visit the tank help site and suggest away.

Welcome D!:welcome: I can't help with any questions since I don't keep cephs, but I can assure you that nobody who inhabits this site is going to be bored by your questions, and I'm sure you're going to get s lots of replies.:smile:

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