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Using sea water


Apr 17, 2004
Good afternoon everybody, i just had a few questions about the keeping of cephs.

I live on the beach here. I was just wondering the validity of of using seawater instead of man made salt water for the aquarium.

I have quite a few more, but for the sake of the search engine, i'll leave it to one question per post right now.

live hard
Afternoon! Its 2 in the morn here. hehe

Anyway, the problem with using salt water from the ocean is that is will contain many tiny organisms that you dont what living in your tank and will die off in such a smaller amount of water. While it is possible to clean up such water, overall, its a bad plan. :)

BTW :welcome: to TONMO! :D
10-4 capt.

the reason i ask, is because maui is fantastic about having extremely low concentrations of algae/plankton in the water. on a bad day, we're gettting 100 ft visibility. I don't think that makes much of a diference because of bacterial size stuff, so artificial sea water it is...

I'm sure this has been asked before, but is there anything to do to speed up the cycle?

live hard
re:using sea water. if you are comfortable with it, give it a whirl. a friend told me about using water from Dana Point (not as clean as yours) and had no troubles...he'd store it in a 50 gallon plastic garbage can in his garage and filter the heck out of it for a few days with a Magnum 330.

re: cycle. speeding up the cycle usually ends up with a tank crash and a stinky mess...if you start now, you could have a ceph in the tank by the 4th of July , if not sooner...

Hey, do they still breed cuttlefish at Waikiki aquarium? You might want to see if they have any surplus!

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