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update on Victor and Marcus


Aug 21, 2004
I was watching victor everyday around night time when he would come out , , Marcus is alot shyer than victor , I hardly EVER see him ,

i hadnt seen eithe rone of them for 8 days until I seen victor in his old hiding place this morning,

I hopw that marcus is still ok
The last time someone reported keeping two bimacs in the same tank, the situation was similar. One of the bimacs was more outgoing, friendly and eventually grew larger. The other stayed smaller and became increasing reclusive, perhaps because he knew that the larger octo was a danger for him. I don't know how it all turned out.

Be sure you try to feed both equally - that might help.

Thanks for checking in and letting us know how Victor and Marcus are doing.


yeah i read about people keeping two octos not always turning out the same

i basically did this cause it was hot at the time i bought mine and I wanted to make sure I had at least one survive

Jim told me that he keeps 3 to 4 larger middle age octos together ,

he told me since i had a 240 gallon tank that I would definatly be ok for a long while .

they do cross paths everyonce in awhile and they dont seem to bother each other.

and both have unlimited supply of food in the tank for them.

they havent grown all that much

THEY HAVE GOT SOME MAJOR growing to do if they are to get a 8 inch head with 24 inch arms within 13 months

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