Update on Osiris

Oct 20, 2005
As many of you know I went ahead and ended up getting him so now I will post some stuff to keep you updated as I promised. Well first of all a little bit after I got him settled in he gladly accepted a couple fiddler crabs he ate throughout the night, then around a week or two after that I had a pvc pipe maze setup for him that now is kinda a hideout/playhouse for him and his behavior has been alot different from any other species if you have read the post on longarmlabs.com you would be amazed how different the mimic he is talking about from mine, the behaivor of osiris is pretty much oppisite of that one! Osiris is a very lively and smart octo, I feed him fiddler crabs twice daily and keep a few extra in there. I have deepend the sandbed by and inch or two in a corner, but I was surprised to find out that he is more interested in hiding in the pvc over the sand like that post said although in the morning when the lights come on thats where he usually is with his eyes poking out till I put a crab in then the day starts from there. He also likes to hang out in a giant conch shell I have placed in there.

So thats pretty much the highlights of my experince with osiris if ya have any questions feel free to ask, if not I will still keep ya posted, I will try and give updates daily or bi daily if I can! :grin:
Thanks, Oakley.

To bring you all up to date, Oakley was offered a mimic octopus around December 1. He didn't know whether to take it or not, and this resulted in a big discussion on TONMO.com with many members weighing in - look on this forum for the thread entitled "Confused" on December 1.

The article on mimic octo that Oakley is referring to is:

Oakley has also kept a flamboyant cuttlefish (Metasepia pfefferi) for three months - if you look back over his posts, you'll find pics of him - his name is airhead.

Hey O'O, glad to hear things are going well. :grin:
Is there any chance of some pics?

Does anyone know if there is any chance of aquaculturing these? Or is that out of the question?

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