Update on Einy

Sep 8, 2006
Well, today I decided to move Einstein back to his original homestead in the 75 gallon. This decision was based on his lack of any desire what so ever to come out of his shell in the past month he's been in the 10 gallon. To the best of my knowledge at least, I haven't noticed any signs of activity in the tank and he wasn't hunting his food like before, just waiting for it to stick a foot into his shell or me to hand it to him.

After a 3 hour acclimation back to the 75 gallon, I placed him and his critter keeper in the tank and turned the lights out. This evening when I turned the red light on, Zeke, my Dwarf Lion, was sitting outside the keeper as he always did before. (he remembered watching Einstein inside the keeper before I'm sure) Low and behold, Einy was sitting on the other side of the plastic wall, staring back at him. I could see sand flying, so I know Einy was trying to blow him away.

With this observation, I believe Einy must have been completely bored in the 10 gallon all by himself with no fish to watch or tease. When he was in the 75 gallon before, he would always sit out on top of his shell, watching the other inhabitants of the tank go about their business. One time I watched him work his way across the wall, back and forth, trying to get at Zeke as he swam by doing the same. Now I sincerely believe that was his fondest entertainment, because he's back to his old routine. And, now that he's coming out of his shell again, I see he has grown considerably.

Now I feel like I wasted a month of his life.
These are interesting observations. Some species - and individuals - seem to be perfectly happy by themselves. Maybe this is not true for O. mercatoris or maybe for Einey. The key must be the find the right things to keep with him.

How large is Einey now (body (mantle) and leg length?

This morning when I turned the red light on he was perched on the side of his container. His mantle is easily an inch. Arms outstretched are about 3 inches. He crept onto a shell and his mantle went long and pointy, and it was about an inch and a quarter long.
Animal Mother;85936 said:
With this observation, I believe Einy must have been completely bored in the 10 gallon all by himself with no fish to watch or tease.

Okay... it only took me 6 months to get around to reading this, but I'm inclined to agree with this observation. Having 4 juvenile mercs in the same tank is probably why we see so much of our 'podes and why they are so active and responsive to us. They definitely interact with each other and us a great deal as our recent videos have shown.

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