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unnatural filtration

Apr 20, 2005
A couple of days ago I went to an aquarium center and was inspired by there beautiful reef and fish aquariums. What shocked me was they used all artificial filters. No natural filtration except for some live rock in the 4 reef tanks. I asked the employee about it and all he said was " This is a pretty elite system. Elite? All they had was a UV. sterilizer, canister filter, protein skimmer, and I think they had an ozone generator. That’s what most of us keep in our home aquarium. This tank was at least 400 gallons to. It was strange to me because all the fish seemed healthy, there was not a trace of algae and this was a semi touch tank (they would take 5 specimens out and put them in a seporate bole just a bit above the 400 gallon's water level. After about an hour in that he would switch the specimens.) Wouldn’t that stress the fish and get them dirty. I now there are touch pools ware you stick your hand in the tank but thoughs tanks have extremely powerful filters.


Colossal Squid
Nov 19, 2002
Hmmmm was it an open system or recirculating? Ours is open so we have a very high tech sand filter :lol: and nothing else!!!! Not even in our touch tanks, but as I say it's an open flow through system so gets fresh water all the time.

You have an ozone generator at home??????? :shock: UV is Ok but not if you're planning to do any breeding. i once visited an aquaculture outfit that were raising Paua (abalone) and their larvae were coming through with weird mutations, Turned out there was no mesh on the UV filters so the larvae were going through too and getting a blast of UV radiation! soon as banjo filters were added the problem went away!

Apr 20, 2005
No I dont have a ozone genorator to big and expencive. It was open to I probably could have touched the 400 gallons water if I wanted to. it was from the groung up about 3 feet high.

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