unknown tank mate


O. vulgaris
Jul 9, 2006
Hey again,
I need help identifying a fish thats in my tank. Ive looked everywhere but so far ive come up with nothing! Im worried it could be poisoness or an unsuitable tank mate for my octo. Does anyone know of any usefull tools that could help?
Yep thats the one. So far the only thing its hurt was a blenny. It went crazy but it hasnt died. Its just tripping all over the tank biting itself. The octopus seems to have aknowledged the scorpianfish though.
He seems pretty docile. Plus I need him to eat some of these annoying little fishes in the tank. But after he does that I think ill release him into the ocean.
I don't think you should release it into the ocean. It might not naturally live in your area and could cause problems. Even if you do live near their habitat it could have pathogens from you tank that could hurt other fish. Do you have another tank you could put it in or a LFS that might take it?


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