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Uncurred or Curred

Dec 10, 2002
I was trying to see how many people out there prefer curred or uncurred live rock. I am about to by some live rock and am almost set on uncurred but i was wondering some other peoples personal experiences with curring it.


TONMO Supporter
Nov 14, 2002
I would buy uncured if i had the chance. Id really look forward to seeing wht came out of it! Maybe a mantis shrimp or two or perhaps a stow-a-way baby octo????

All the stuff i have bought has either been fully cured or semi cured. Did find a dead mantis in the bottom of a box once though.

Nov 27, 2002
My live rock was something of a special case, as it was cured, but had been living in a gargantuan tank with other live rock for a LONG time...it had many odd critters living in it. In fact, the seller specifically picked out a few crustaceans...not sure if she wanted to keep them as valuable or something, or what, but here explanation was "I don't know exactly what these are, so you don't want them." I guess on the thinking that they might eat something I don't want them to. Given that I was building an octo-tank, I don't think that was an issue, but maybe she was just trying to protect me.

Anyway...I think my cured rock was just great, but I'd listen to the real experts!

Nov 22, 2002
It is my oponion that cured rock is most suitable for the home aquarium. If you purchase uncured rock (straight off the plane), not only will you get the odd good thing, like a juicy Mantis for your Octo, you will also get one heck of lot of dead and decaying animals e.g.sponges.
If you put this into your aquarium, you could end up with quite a smelly room, and a serious water quality problem.
Rock that has been in a dealers aquarium for a few weeks is a much better bet. They should have removed all the dead stuff, and you will be able to see what is starting to 'sprout' on the rock. Uncured is often sold by the box so you have no control of the size pieces. At least from a decent dealer you can choose pieces induvidually to suit your needs.

So OK, I might be a little biased :smile: