Uca minax Fiddlers


Blue Ring
Jun 13, 2007
Dear TONMO Community,

TarBay would like to thank all those who have ordered Fiddler Crabs this season. We have experienced a high number of mortalities through shipping this year and will no longer be shipping via the USPS. We will also be changing our packaging methods to increase our live deliveries. If in the event an order or orders are received DOA, TarBay will re-ship orders to you until you get what was purchased. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund payments.

The Fiddler season will remain active and orders will be processed through August 16, 2008. There may be stock available after this date however, these will be available on a first come basis and will be exhausted before September 30, 2008.

We look forward to helping you feed your Ceph.


Chad Smith
Apr 13, 2008
Live fiddler crabs and blue crabs


We supply live marine animals and marine feeder animals. We provide live blue crabs and fiddlers from South Carolina. While we do get cephalopods occasionally, we do not target them. However, if you are interested in our local octopi, you may contact us in regard to those as well as feeder animals for your cephs.

We get other crabs like calicos and spiders of various sizes. We can get these in smaller sizes than blue crabs legally (down to 1" wide carapices). If you are interested in crabs, contact us now as we are shipping now and summer is our busy season. Once summer is over we will not carry a ton of these unless there is a need to do so. You can keep your own feeder crab aquaria rather easily and cheaply. So, stock up now.

We are currently shipping blues and fiddlers. Blues sell individually and by size. Fiddlers sell in lots of 25, 50, 75, & 100. We guarantee live arrival. Please, check out our guarantee for feeders which differs from our guarantee for livestock.

Check out our main site, www.sharksupply.com
under our page for "Fish Food". We supply food for many different species. Our shrimp and fish products that are not live are better than ANY seafood from ANY supplier in the world. They are first grade, same day frozen seafood for maximum quality and the safety of your precious animals. We eat the stuff that isn't the freshest rather than feeding it to our livestock! So, why should you feed your cephs anything less than the freshest? Our seafod gets iced down on the deck! Not once it returns to the dock or gets culled out on the deck.

Our live feeder animals are cleaned or prepped as best as possible to prevent ectoparasites and bacteria. Our feeder systems are maintained absolutely cleanly and disinfected between uses. We will be offering crabs and certain fish year round as our population is not too seasonal.

We accept checks, money orders, and Paypal. All payment forms other than Paypal instant payment must clear before shipping.

If you are interested, you can email us at
[email protected]
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Ken Moran


O. vulgaris
Feb 14, 2006
Sharksunlimited (aka sharksupply.com) has been suspended by paypal because they will not contact paypal on behalf of the $70 they said they would refund me on the 50 fiddler crabs they did not send. Stay away from this vendor.