Two chalk ammonites from Dover. Thanks Joe!!!


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Nov 19, 2002
Please find to follow photographs of two stunning ammonites from Dover (UK) sent to me by Joe and Flavia, local fossil collectors from SE Kent.

They found these magnificent specimens at the end of January this year whilst collecting on the beach below the chalk cliffs between Dover and Folkestone. They would be Late Cretaceous in date, probably Middle-Upper Cenomanian. We suspect that they are probably both Acanthoceras, though if anyone has any other opinions we would very much welcome them.

Thanks again for these Joe. If you find any more, please post them here!


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Fantastic specimens - wish we could find things like that in the chalk up here! Must have a few days down your neck of the woods one day Phil even if I only end up finding echinoids.


Consulting my tome 'Fossils of the Chalk' (2nd ed. A.B.Smith and D.J.Batten) has helped a little. If it's any help as a pointer, of the Acanthoceratinae, the species of Acanthoceras most commonly found in the chalk of the UK towards the south is A. rhotomagense, but A. jukesbrownei is also known. In addition, Calycoceras and Mammites are also comparatively common ammonites.

It would be nice if you came down, Andy. I couldn't guarantee being able to lead you to things like this though (I wish), maybe we should contact Joe and Flavia!
These are nice examples of Acanthoceras rothomagense. This species has a typical ribbing fashion with no intercalatory ribs, unlike Ac. jukesbrownei, which is also slightly younger.
Hi Polyopsis,

Welcome to the site and I apologise for the belated reply. :welcome:

This is an example of Acanthoceras that came from the same area as Joe and Flavia's specimens above. I've had it for many years but I fear it has taken a few knocks in the past and is becoming a little worn. Would you be able to pin it down to a species please?

Thank you in advance.


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