TV listings for octopus occurences...

Jan 6, 2003
Incase anyone's interested, here's a quick TV listing of upcoming octopus related stuff:

JULY 5 / 2:00 AM
JULY 13 / 7:00 PM
Animal Planet: Most Extreme Thinkers
"octopus are able to solve complex problems on their own."

JULY 10 / 3:00 PM
Discovery HD Theater: The Blue Realm
"Features the bizarre courtship and egg-laying rituals of the reef squid and giant octopus."

JULY 17 / 6:00 AM
Animal Planet: Champions Of The Wild
"Travel to the West Coast of British Columbia to meet the surprisingly intelligent giant Pacific octopus."

JULY 23 / 9:30 AM
Discovery Kids: Popular Mechanics For Kids
"Vanessa reaches out and touches one of the largest species of octopus."

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