TTX Anyone?

I'm assuming, as no death was reported, that the victim survived his exposure. Honestly, though, most of those symptoms sound kinda cool... I mean, not the paralysis or death part, but maybe a Tokyo trip is in order. Always wanted to try that.
There's an episode on TV, can't remember which program, where someone who ate incorrectly processed pufferfish is interviewed. The man became completely paralized and was rushed to the emergency, but he eventually survived. He said he wouldn't accept $1 million to try it again!

I think Greg's eaten it before, back when he still did seafood. Maybe I'm confusing him with my brother-in-law. Anyway, one of them had some. Caught a buzz. I like it for making people into zombies!:mrgreen:
if i had the cash, i'd give it a go.... the thing is i was told they tend to serve fugu with a sauce that a similiar effect on the lips....

but then again, i'd run with the bulls given the chance...

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