Tropical fish cosmetic surgery


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Nov 14, 2002
I know that quite a lot of people on also have an interest in fish as well as cephalopods so I am posting this link...

Its quite detailed about some of the grotesque forms of fish that we see in the trade from time to time... especially flowerhorns and parrots

It is terrible to see fish treated this way for a hobby, there are plenty species out there with interesting shapes and colours without taking a pair of scissors or a needle to them!
Can anyone say Tie-Die octo's

Cuttles dont need the color stuf they can do that on their own.

(by the way, this reminds me of the bonzai kitty stuff that was going around some time ago, completly horrible)
That's horrible and barbaric. No animal deserves to be mutilated for viewing pleasure.
i need cuttle said:
(by the way, this reminds me of the bonzai kitty stuff that was going around some time ago, completly horrible)

That site was fake, they have fun posting people's complaints about it.

I work in a pet store and we do sell dyed fish (annoys me a lot...) always tell customers about it 75% of the time they do not buy the fish after I tell them that.
I used to work in a pet store that sold dyed fish as well (the purple and orange loaches were hideous); they had a ridiculously high mortality rate at the store (I used to test all the water chems, so I know it wasn't us). It's just so sad...

Bonsai kitties are fake, but the fish problems are very real. I've subscribed to PFK in the past, and it is an excellent magazine. Very truthful and honest, and rarely inaccurate. They've lead a great campaign to stop this cruelty. Hopefully people will listen more with this coming out.

Locking this thread since the page no longer loads, and this appears to have been a hoax...

EDIT: Unlocking it since it seems it's not a hoax, and is now loading!
i need cuttle said:
we get the died parrots and the died dannios (Died, not dyed)
and the mortality rate is much higher then the natural ones, but despite my complaints the market goes on

How do you see this as different from feeder goldfish?
Maybe in a way it isn't , since the goldfish are essentially captives fed to what ever species the "feeder" wants to raise, but when an animal is mutilated to achieve some strange standard of beauty it seems less defensible than assuring that a captive predator has it's prey. Kind of like feeding shore shrimp to cuttles, right?

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