Tropical Cuttle ID


Jun 7, 2004
Hey guys!

I've got a long running thread in the cuttle section on my rearings of "dwarf" tropical cuttles.

I had tentatively ID the guys as Sepia Bandensis, due to collection location (Phillipenes) and also the walking behaviour, but I would like to know if any of you guys can help out.

I have had the misfortune of having a very very small juvenile die (runt), so I have the cuttle bone and am posting pics to see if they help.

I have pictures of the rest of my healthy ravenous babies on MY THREAD HERE>

And here are the pictures of both side of the cuttle bone. I realise it may not be fully formed so I'm only taking the opportunity following the death. Any help would be most most welcomed.



The bone was damaged (in forst pic) by me due to my ignorance at the delicacy of them. Bone is only a meagre 7 - 8 mm long.

Thanks again in advance for any help :wink:
sorry mikey... maybe its a bit on the small side???

again, keeping cuttles is still in it's infancy so maybe that's part of the problem?

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