tons of captain ahab pictures

Feb 24, 2005
alright here they are... some of them are from outside the tank and some are from inside with the dive case. this mornign i got up around 4 and got some water. when i walked into the kitchen i turned on the red light to check to see if it was out. ahab was sitting outside the den and darted in when he saw me so i continued to get my water. on the way out he was looking at me and decided i wasnt that scary. he then came out and started dancing across the front of the tank putting on a great show. he would then hide and when i would put my hand up to the tank he would come swimming out like "im gonna get you!" i tried feeding him but he was not at all interested. just wanted to dance... in some of the pictures you can see why hes called captain ahab. i actually noticed that its not just one leg that is missing half but two and it looks like both are regenerating nicely.


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huh, i have never seen an octo like that. how big is he? so you think he is a octopus briarius? is he comming out more?

and one more.

also if anyone can give me an ID on this guy id appreciate it. im pretty sure its a briareus but i just want to double check


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when he came in he was showing the classic irridesent blue and green of the briarius and since he has become accustomed to the tank hes stays purple with white spots

his mantle is bout an inch and a half
Man, I am so envious! I wish Ossie would come out to play like that. Great Pics and keep taking and posting them please.


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