Tonmo helped me with a final exam today :)

Ceph fan

Apr 6, 2005
Not really a journal, but i had to write a final exam today (biodiversity) and there were quite a few questions about mollusca and cephalopods on there that i would not have known if I had not been reading these forums (gonna try to get an octo when i'm done school). So, in conlusion, thanks everyone!

Edit: in cas eanyone wa wondering, it had more to do with clssifying animals, although there was quite a bit on the morphology that I picked up from here too :mrgreen:
Cool Deal ! Yeah, Dr. SOS, Colin, Nancy and the others sure do go a long way towards filling in those mental niches !!!! (trying to figure out how many brain cells are filled with ceph info now...heck, at least 5 ...LOL )
hah, nice one... always nice to twist exam answers to stuff that is actually interesting :smile:

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