Special Contributors

I apologize for the lateness, but I'd like add my congratulations to our Special Contributors... you guys help keep things rolling when things get a little busy and some of us cant make it to TONMO as often as we want... :oops:

Personally, i think capes would look smashing....
a cape in arizona...well, it would stand out. I kind of like the leather jacket idea actually...(been looking for an excuse to buy one for some time...)
Well, I have a friend who does tats here in Arcata. He does excellent work, though I have never been a client.

Here's an idea for a tatoo: The TONMO staff dressed as Jedi taking on an empire of bottom trawlers attacking with an army of giant robotic isopods. They could lead an army of Jedi cephalopods. As long as they don't talk like Jar-Jar. :x

Just a random insomnia-induced thought.


"Operation Morning Air..."
Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey... good-bye...
Do i still get to play the part of the rancor?

Well, if you insist, here's a quick n' dirty... not a PaintShop, but an MS Paint hack... :heee:

Sorry, saw the hammer-pick and the great beard, and if you're familiar with the Rankin-Bass rendition of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, well...

Great to meet you!
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