in the news...

Nice publicity for TONMO, but where did the author get the idea that you have to replace 25% of the saltwater every day?? How about 20% every couple of weeks?

Congrats Tony !! Hey, if she only got one or two things wrong, that is a miracle...'sides, it will probably spark a lot of people to write in and see what in heaven is going on here!!

We can consider ourselves lucky the mistakes are minor (and erring on the side of caution with the water changes). I had some press a few months ago for a research project and it was completely misrepresented and blown out of proportion. Not maliciously of course, its just that most media science writers, well, don't seem to be very scientific.

Oh yeah...interviews can be tricky...I record all of mine now after a disasterous one a few years back... :shock:
I like this reporter's writing style too...very readable!
hah, nice to see!

yeah i think the article is fine, nice it kept away from blue rings and terrors of the deep etc

Kudos to Tony and contributors to this great board. :thumbsup:
DHyslop said:
most media science writers..don't seem to be very scientific.
I have experience dealing with this problem in my own profession. If one is misguoted in the news or one's meaning misinterpreted in a TV interview due to a misguided editing prior to broadcast, it can move markets. I respect the media, not in the sense of how the word is now commonly used, but its true meaning: 'fear'; 'awe'. JMO..~a.f.
Melissa said:
AF, you respect the media the way most people respect weapons!
Melissa, you are correct. Both the media and weapons have the kind of power that we do not as individuals possess. In my experience, the only way to deal with this kind of respect, or 'fear' if you will, is to accept it and deal with it directly. Ergo, interviews are granted. Precautions one can take consist of vetting journalists & forming a relationship based on the kind of respect most mean in its current usage. JMO..~a.f.

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