Today at 2pm Eastern: live cephalopod discussion panel


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May 30, 2000
Live cephalopod discussion panel / Q&A today at 2pm Eastern, open to all - "Quarantine with the Curators," session 31. When you register, if you are not part of an institution, just put "TONMO" as the institution.
Jessica Slone with Piscine has given us permission to be an accepted, "industry" and view not only the mentioned discussion recording but two additional cephalopod discussion that occurred this week (use Tonmo as the industry)

#28 Jun 1, 2020 Topic: Husbandry of Squid and Cuttlefish (Cephalopods, PT 1)

#29 Jun 3, 2020 Topic: Husbandry of Nautilus and Octopuses (Cephalopods Pt 2)

#31 Jun 5, 2020 Topic: Panel Discussion, Cephalopods in Public Aquaria: Research, Ideas, Discussion (Cephalopods PT 3)
This is awesome!! At around 1:24 in the 3rd video, @Thales talks about how easy it is to use TONMO to get starter info on keeping cephs. He talks about how easy it is to find the articles you want and to search the forums. What he probably doesn't realize is that about 6 months ago or so, I limited Search to Supporters only. I've just lifted that restriction so that you only need to be a registered member. :smile: ...still, do consider becoming a Supporter if you aren't already! :heee: Free flow of information vs. maintaining financial viability; always a balancing act. Thanks Richard!

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