This Sucks. (and not in a good way)

Jul 31, 2003
Well I ordered The Agent. I was hoping he'd come tomorrow, then I find out it's gonna take a day or two for processing. Uhhh. :cry:

Jim said he should be here Tuesday. I guess Ill skip my work that day just for 8).

Oh and talk about a good sign, my order number was 1024 and look here.
Oh, I thought you were going to say that he decided not to give you a sibling. Oh well, as long as he arrives safe, a couple days won't make a difference.

PS... When can something suck (in a good way)? lunatic :bonk:
Sorry to hear about the delay. That must have bummed you out! I was shocked to hear 8) , was coming on Sunday, but you worked magic in getting a sib. Who was I to doubt you again?

Glad to hear he will be here soon regardless. 8) 8) 8)
sideways said:
Our apologies Colin. I feel like a scolded child. :oops:

LOL not a scolding :smile: just wanted to try and keep the thread on topic... there has been a lot of 'excess noise' on the ceph forums recently and a lot of good posts get lost...
Don't worry too much, the sand will settle quite quickly ( usually by the next day). Im not sure what could happen if an octo breathed in some sand particles, but it doesn't seem safe :?
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