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thinking about adding a fish a 3rd one with my octo


Aug 21, 2004
he has had a blue yellow tail damsel and a hwaiian two spot damsel with him for 2.3 months and I think he likes them , the reason I saw this is becasue most people say that if the fish is too slow that the octopus will get them.

but these damsels have swimmed I MEAN RIGHT ON TOP of octavius and he just swings an arm out to push them away.

I was wanting to add one of my yellow tangs

they are about 3 inches long and 2 inches tall ,

only concern is not him eating the fish , becasue hes goign to when he gets older,

but tangs can be rather h ateful
and I dont know how they would rreact living with an octopus
Hmmm......any fish I have ever had with an octo eventually became food. Think it was Ink cohabitated with a damsel for several months. One day the fish was gone!!!!
I guess the short answer is ...if you're not sure .....don't do it!

We do keep fish in with our octis but the species we have on display commonly do NOT eat fish and the fish are selected because they don't eat large prey eg Spotted Wrasse (eats barnacles and snails) and Bellowsfish (eats plankton!).

But be VERY VERY Careful what fish you add, if you do!

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