The CuttleFarm Army (website) is online!!..Well kinda

Feb 18, 2005
Hey everyone...Most of the content is up on my website and is in a semi-decent state to be presented. I still need to finish creating some title and background images.

The website is just a fun project for me to share my experiences and teach myself some basic web and graphic design. Its been on my list of things to do for a long time!

I have many images up, but the movies section is still incomplete, simply because I dont know how to host movies yet.

Tell me what you guys think!!
the pictures are absolutely incredible.there is simply no other way of describing them. also, the description of the tank setup is very detailed, which is nice. additionally, it is nice to see more and more people joining the farm raised cuttlefish cause. all in all, very good.:cuttle:
New Videos and Photos. (Website re-vamped)

Ok, so yesterday I went crazy and spent no less then 15 hours obbsessing over my website. The cuttlefish section is 99 percent complete.

So now I have videos and more pictures to offer!



DOnt goto the Home section yet, because those areas arent close to being finished..Ill have art and music sections in there sometime soon hopefully.

Sign my guestbook! :roll:
I'm impressed!!!! Nice videos, i shared them with some fello fruit cakes in the office and got alot of ooohhh's and ahhhh's! And of course the pinnacle of south louisiana compliment's " Mea dat's cool tee, what is it?"
Thanks!! Im not really sure if I understand "Mea dat's cool tee" but I think its an Californian "Dats hella cool yo"

I Just threw some octo videos on there as well so its not strictly cuttlefish action..
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