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Nov 18, 2002
Hi everybody,

Just wanted to let you guys know that I wrote up an article for The Cephalopod Page on the Cephalopod International Advisory Council 2003 symposium and our catamaran trip to the Similan Islands in search of Thai cephs. Thought everyone might enjoy it, and there are some great photographs of Idiosepius, Sepia pharaonis, and Octopus cyanea by James Wood and Ruth Byrne.

CIAC 2003 - Cephalopods In Thailand

Hope everyone enjoys it, as Thailand was beautiful and the CIAC symposium was terribly fascinating!

WOW that must have been so amazing!!! first you goto south east asia, then swimming in a tropical sea looking for beasties?!?!

luck does NOT describe it :smile:

:meso: RAR
Tomossan, that's not luck, it's good planning!

Thank you, Saul, for posting your link. I'm intrigued, but I'm not going to read the second half until I finish today's work. Is Thanon Bangla, Bangla Street, part of an Indian neighborhood? Bangla/Bengali is spoken in Western Bengal (Calcutta) and Bangladesh. Thai fish for dinner followed by Bengali sweets for dessert would be my culinary heaven!

Yeah, I was very happy to go and can't wait to attend the next CIAC symposium in 2006 in Tasmania. Melissa: I suppose it's entirely possible that that was the case originally, as in Patong there were quite a few Indian restaraunts, but currently that street is full of bars/clubs, etc.; thus the festive squid lights at night! I did not have the chance to go over all of the presentations that were made at the symposium, but if you're on this site, it's fairly safe to say that you are a ceph enthusiast, and the symposium would probably appeal to you! I was happy to be a fly on the wall during the symposium and absorb the wide array of cephalopod information that was presented.
:tomato: Knew there was something I forgot! Well maybe you can make it out to the 2006 symposium and remind me that I owe you a cold one, Tony! And I don't believe it's too late to make a change in the reading list... :cthulhu:
Lovely pictures of the Idiosepius sp! I have a soft spot for them - here in Victoria Australia we have Idiosepius notoides which you can see to the left of this note. :smile: They get no longer than an inch and live in seagrass.

Yep, I'm game. Hopefully with the close proximity to NZ we can have Steve and Kat along as well. :smile: Audrey - Yep, I found the little Idiosepius fascinating - seeing James' pictures at the symposium was great, and actually getting to check out the live animals at the PMBC was wonderful - tiny little bean sized squid! The credit for the quality of the Idiosepius pictures goes to Dr. James Wood, webmaster of The Cephalopod Page and scientist at the National Resource Center for Cephalopods in Texas, along with the majority of the photos in my article. I believe that the animal on the left is an Idiosepius biserialis, and the ones on the right are Idiosepius pygmaeus, but I would have to check with James to be sure. I don't know exactly when in 2006 the Tasmanian symposium is being held, but I am hoping that it coincides with a time that I and others will be able to hop over to the Oz mainland to observe the Sepia apama, or Giant Cuttlefish, along with the other fascinating cephalopod species that inhabit the area.
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