The blob's eating binges have nothing on my new octo!


Blue Ring
Mar 30, 2005
I can't believe how much this little thing is eating!

The casualty list so far:
2 small hermet crabs
1 emerald crab
1 large turbo snail
at least 8 clams from octopets

...and she just got here tuesday!

I was thrilled to actually get to watch her pounce on the emerald crab, I just wish I'd had a video camera with me.

I think I'm about ready to name her. Of all the suggestions that I've had so far, Scylla and Cthylla are the most promising. The first is a creature from the Odyssey, the second is Cthulhu's daughter. Both would fit her rather well. :)
Glad to hear that she's eating so well! Little octos need to eat a lot and grow!

Please let us know when you've decided on a name - then I'll update the List of Our Octopuses - she's listed as Squishy now!

Cthylla! It's so sweet and feminine! Of course, naming a pet after monsters from classical mythology is rather dignified, but I'd have to go with Cthylla. It's just adorable. Voracious, too.
Mine was the same way. Maybe they are related. Megas ate everything in the tank in 48 hours flat
9 hermit crabs
2 emerald crabs
6 Clams (i still though that 3 a day was enough HA)

Eating IMHO is a good sign.
shows that the will to live is still there.
i get worries when 10 hours or more goes by and Megas is not out begging for food.

Grats on what seems to be a healthy eating machine
Scouse said:

forgive my ignorance but whats the mantle size an approx arm span on both your octos??


Currently, Cthylla's mantle size is about 1.5 to 2 inches. I haven't really seen her stretch out fully yet, but I'd guess about 6 inch arm span.
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