The Abyss Live (again)


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Nov 19, 2002
Anyone in the UK or capable of receiving BBC1 via cable or satellite should try to catch this tomorrow. Spread throughout the day are transmissions from three dive sites, though only one of them is actually live (Monterey Bay). One site is a hydrothermal vent 500 miles off the coast of Mexico

We are promised footage of the deep sea finned octopus Cirrothauma which should be interesting and possibly Grimpoteuthis too at the vent site.

Details here:
yep, quite enjoyed that today, one left to go at 11 if i am still up!

The pics of Dumbo were worth seeing!
I thought you might like to see a few photos of two of the cephalopods that us viewers observed on the the dive at the 9 degrees north site 500 miles off the coast of Mexico. This was a hydrothermal vent site and we were treated to spectacular footage of Riftia vent worms taken at a depth of 2,500m from two Russian piloted Mir submersibles.

As for cephalopods, we saw three at the site, or close to it. A white benthic Graneledone crawling across a rock, a Grimpoteuthis, and another animal, probably a Cirrothauma. I am somewhat confused about the identity of the animal as Dr George Matsumato who was watching the footage of the dive from Monterey Bay referred to it as Stauroteuthis. However, the BBC literature surrounding the animal lists it as Cirrothauma. I admit I cannot tell the difference and have listed here as Cirrothauma.

Here are a few photos of the meter long 'Cirrothauma' and the Grimpoteuthis. Apologies for the substandard quality of the images, simply pointing a digital camera at the television screen and clicking is the best I could do!

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