That Squid Hat


Blue Ring
Sep 28, 2010
I feel like a fool for not already having one and not knowing where to get one . . . but y'all, where do you get those awesome squid hats? You know the ones--with the mantle on top and the tentacles hanging down over your ears! (I need it specifically because I am giving a commencement speech in a couple of weeks and it is actually contextually appropriate for me to show up in a squid hat.)
Obtained one of mine in 2013 on a New Jersey shore boardwalk in LBI (first pic) and then wore it again a couple months back at #tcon7 (2nd pic)... holding up well 5 years in! :jester:


Love it! How was it received? Did you eventually feel "one" with it during your presentation? I so, I relate (e.g. first night happy hour at #tcon7) :biggrin2: :cthulhu:
Yay, thanks so much! They said it'll take a while to get it up--sometime in July perhaps. And it was received very well! I heard one person say "that's so CCS" as I took the podium, which seemed like a good sign. :wink: In fact I totally forgot I was wearing it while I talked, which might have caused some cognitive dissonance with the more serious parts of the speech . . . but there weren't too many of those, so all good, I think. =P