Jun 26, 2003
well, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and i"d like to wish everybody a good one.

(anybody in the mood to "give " me a salt tank+octo? :tentacle:
P.s. anybody want to host a thanksgiving octo chat? :usa:
we'll talk about happy t. and :wine: :beer: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi supernick

The chatroom is always open. When you go into the chatroom, other people can see that someone is chatting, and they might come chat with you. I plan on eating all day long for Thanksgiving - mmmm, pie!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

Eat lots!!! Sleep....Rest....and eat some more!!!!

And lets pray for peace!!!!!

Happy Holidays!

Well we Kiwi's don't actually have one :biggrin2: But there are a few US citizens around the lab and they're making noises about turkey, pecan pie, pumpkin pie................................tis cruel and unusual punishment :evil: :cry:

Jean said:
Well we Kiwi's don't actually have one

Tell me about it... :kiwiflag: :evil: I'm trading one Thanksgivingless country for another (spending a few days in Australia)... out of the frying pan, into the fire.
I'll be making pie in belated honor of the day though.
Supernick: I edited your post, you used wayyy too many exclamation points and smileys for it to be decipherable... :smile:

And here's your santa! :smile:

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