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Pygmy Octopus
Jul 30, 2003
Hello TONMO-
I have been fascinated with cephs since I was a kid, but haven't exactly been surrounded by sympathetic souls to converse with.("...Uh, yeah, sure... octopuses... aren't they, like, GROSS though? I mean, like, EWWW....") :roll:
Sure is a pleasure to find such a well-designed, intelligent site like this one. I have no aquarium, but until my time, space, and money become more abundant, I will continue to make TONMO my first choice for all my cephalopodiphiliac needs-
-until the day I'm abducted and carried off into the forest by a troop of sqibbons, that is...
Welcome. Hope you enjoy it. :welcome:

'cephalopodiphiliac'. That's great! Mind if I quote you?

What is your amazing avatar, by the way? It looks like an ancient Greek vase; I'd love to know the story behind that one. If you have some interesting photos, please post them in the 'Fossils and History' forum. Cheers!

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