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Tank Buildouts


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Sep 4, 2006
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We often have requests for examples of building out a ceph tank so I am going to attempt to keep a cross reference of tank buildouts as they are added to the tank talk forum.

Octopus Tanks
10 Gallon Mercatoris Tank Omega
37 Gallon Dwarf Tank DWhatley
60 Gallon Cube Animal Mother
60 Gallon split tank DWhatley
65 Gallon Octo Tank DWhatley
65 Gallon Used John007h
66 Gallon all in one QueenB
70 Gallon with Canister Filtration corw314
75 Gallon Bimac Tank Bluespotocto
90 Gallon Octo Tank Cody
120 Gallon all in one Lmecher

Cuttlefish Tanks
55 Gallon Tank - Cooler for sump and homemade LR Jimmy55002000
90 Gallon Custom Tank corpusse
150 Cuttlefish Tank Paradox

Food Habitats
Fiddler Aquarium corpusse
Crab Critter Keeper Octomatic
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