Tamar Pulp Mill

Feb 22, 2005
After reading about what is going on in other places, I thought I might mention a major marine conservation problem here in Tasmania. The 'clean, green' state is considering putting in a pulp mill in the Tamar River. The thought of pumping thousands on tonnes of heated water, tannins and chlorine into the marine environment doesnt seem to worry the pollies at all. The fact that everything from algae, to cephs, to seals will be affected again does not seem to bother them. I have joined the fight to stop this mill from getting built.
If anyone is interested in the campaign or just wants to follow whats going on, then just go to:
Wilderness Society | Protecting nature, stopping deforestation

We also have a state election here in March and it will be very interesting to see the results....fingers crossed.
That's TERRIBLE...........Tassie is such a gorgeous place and that mill will destroy both the forest and aquatic environments then for good measure stuff up the marine environment where the river runs into the sea :mad:

I've sent mine. I grew up near one of the nasty things on the upper reaches of the Mississippi. I think it was the first (as in nearest to the hedwaters) major pollution source on the river. There were days was the visibility was negligible and the stench overwhelming. None of us knew about dioxins back then, but we hads a lot of cancer in that town.
There was a paper mill around 25 miles from my hometown and when the wind was right you could smell the stink. and another mill 5o miles away had killed everything in a good sized oxbow lake. hate the damned things
Oh shit....the election was not what I would have hoped. The Labor party hold the majority with 14 seats, the Liberals have 7 seats and the Greens have only 2!?! There was actually a swing against the Greens (:confused:) Anyway, with Labor winning the majority the fight becomes more important and a lot harder. Will keep you posted...
Better news....the Greens won the last two undecided seats which brings them up to 4. Still Labor have the majority and they love this pulp mill. The election was only declared yesterday so we will have to wait and see what develops....

Oh....and Australia has decided to sell uraninum to China....and they are thinking about selling it to India........words fail me.......
The EPA should monitor any emmissions by the plant, however I am positive the wilderness society and conservation australia are going to be watching these guys like hawks. We dont plan on letting them get away with anything. Also, while it is discouraging it's not built yet.
The main push from the wilderness society is to write to the pollies....

Paul Lennon
Premier of Tasmania
11th Floor, 15 Murray St, Hobart 7000
Email: [email protected]

Senator the Hon. Ian Campbell
Federal Environment Minister
GPO Box B58, Perth WA 6838
Email: [email protected]

So if anyone wants to voice their opinion....go for it. It might make them think a little if they get a response from outside Tasmania. They think if they can keep it as state news no one will give a shit.

Also...does it annoy anyone else that politicians get the title "Honorable"?

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