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Tako and the Berg

Dec 4, 2002
Although my Bali octopus Tako passed away this Tuesday, he too was a funny little guy. I used to freeze the tank water in a plastic bowl to cool the tank down just a couple of degrees. When I would put this big block of ice in there, he come up from the glass and put his tentacles on it, and he'd sit there enjoying the coolness and it sometimes came around and gently bumped him on the head. He didn't mind. The funniest thing was the very first time he touched one. He threw his tentacle out forcefully like "I'm gonna to eat that!" and man did he jerk back! Then he just sat there stunned for a minute before he tried again. I have it on video, somewhere among the several hours of tape of him...gosh, I videotaped Tako more than I did my family, friends, vacations, and my dog combined!


TONMO Supporter
Mar 15, 2003
Way cool! (pardon the pun)...can you set it up as a mpeg and put it on the net?