take a look at ahabs eggs now...

Feb 24, 2005
well a small strand of about 20 eggs fell off the ceiling of the den and ended up on the bottom glass. i was able to get a few pictures of them. i also tried to slip an airhose in on the end of a syringe to try and suck up the loose eggs but she blew at the hose resulting in the eggs being blown off into the dark distance of the back of the cave. regardless, here are the pictures. as you can see the eyes are very noticable now and if you look close you can see the yoke or the mantle forming one of the two...


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just opened the first pic up in photoshop and sharpened and zoomed in and in a few eggs like the one kindof upper left corner of the string you can actually see the mantle, eyes and little tenticles there... kinda cute little fellas

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