tada... here comes my 'lil cuttle-webpage

Jul 22, 2004
Hello everbody :biggrin2:

I am not introducing myself today - hehe, 'cos I already did so long time ago. Remember me?
I want to introduce my little webpage instead... freenet Webhosting - Die All-in-One Lösung für Ihre eigene Website - freenet.de is a website about the Common Euopean Cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) and if you like cuttlefishes, you may want to have a look. Many of my pictures of baby and adult cuttles are there...

Looking forward to hear some critical comments and suggestions from you :heee: ,
Cheers, TK
I just had a look, and i'm very impressed!

User-friendly, good navigation, and tons of new pictures/information. Perhaps with your link i'll be able to convince the folks at my uni to include officinalis in our dissection course (sorry cuttles :smile: )

Great site!

I know, not quite criticism. :P
hmm..have a browser problem...will try again later, as i am sure it is stunning! congrats!
Looks good so far TK

make sure you add it to the ceph Web Links part of TONMO.com :smile:

Thankx for aaaaall the critical comments :P
Hehe, maybe those of you who had problems loading the page can tell me which browser they were using. So that I can try to fix this problem.

Thank you,
Using Microsoft Internet Explorer, I still get an read error on the pictures, but after about fifteen seconds, it does download the pics...so, it just takes a while, but the wait is worth it...very nice site !!!
Just had a good look at your web site. Most impressive. Wicked pictures especially the group shots. Hatched out babies 20 years ago and grew on to various stages to some degree of success. Keep up the web site , very informative. Tim
so nice comments 'bout my page, thank you

Hello all you nice people :biggrin2:

Hehe, thank you very much for the positive feedback :notworth: I am very happy to see that you visited my page and (more important) had a good impression of it ... Motivates me to continue with it...

need webspace for my cuttle-videos

Helllo everybody :smile:

Please excuse this slightly off-topic post here. :biggrin2:
I am accumulating video-files of our S. officinalis beauties and want to add them to my website and show them online. Until now I wasn't able to find a host for my (big) files (

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