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Blue Ring
May 21, 2007
Dumb Question time,

OK, I am planning on setting up a sump this round but I don't really know how to go about it. I am also planning on getting a bigger tank and use my old one as the sump. All of my equiptment fits to my old tank so i was thinking maybe I would not have to buy all new stuff if I still kept the equiptment on the old tank.
As large as you want to make it really. Whatever size tank will fit in the stand. Just consider what you want to do with the sump, what equipment you want to run in it and how much space you will need in it to accomplish that.
If you want a good skimmer, these will be big. Choose your skimmer, then decide on a sump size that can fit this and everything else you may want to keep in it. If the sump is large enough, you can also section off a refugium.
:sad:No new pictures. I thought you mentioned adding something for the cuttles recently - always enjoy your tank creativity.
Thanks Paradox!
I think I have got it now but feel free to post more.

Oh yeah, does anyone know where I could get my tank drilled? I asked at one of my LFSs and he said that nobody does that anymore.
Do I have to buy a pre drilled tank?
I purchased glass hole drilling bits on ebay. They aren't the best quality, but will work for more than I need. Remember to DRILL SLOW with lots of liquid to cool the bit.

The sump needs to be large enough to hold the regular water level in the sump plus the extra water from the tank when the pump is off and the water drains down. I would suggest a 20 gallon for a 30/40 gallon tank only because anything smaller would not hold the drainoff.

Take a long time to plan your sump and get good bulkheads and it will payoff later.