Stretch in the house


Pygmy Octopus
Dec 1, 2006
Well here is a few picks of Stretch,one of Zyans babies.I have had him for a couple months now and he is doing great.He loves live crabs and he ate his first piece of shrimp yesterday.He is very freindly and comes right up to the glass to greet me,or when I bring someone over to see him. Probably just looking for a meal:biggrin2: I have some nice videos of him I will try to post as soon as I figure out how.
Thanks, Steve
Thanks for sharing! Note that our Image Gallery supports video submissions. If they are huge files, feel free to email them to me at [email protected] and I'll get it into our Video Gallery.
ok i think my little davey jones had eggs but im not sure cause i saw some pics of this other guys octos eggs and they look like a blob agaist the glass and that looks like the same thing in my tank but im not sure so if any one can help me out let me know
Did you hatch him from an egg or did you buy him live ?? I have had some trouble finding a way to purchase one. I live in Iowa, ( USA ) and I have only found breeders in Europe ( mainly England )

Could you drop me a hint as to where to go ??