Still No Name

Michael Roth

Blue Ring
Jan 19, 2007
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
...and thus still alive:>


He is a true character. The way he trapped the chromis that were his tankmates was brilliant. He would stash food pellets, then chuck them into the current, simulating the normal feeding procedure. When they would come get ellet, he would snatch them. So smart.
Chromis catcher wanted

If he wouldn't eat them, I would ask to borrow him! I have two chromis I want to move to another tank and have not been able to catch them for at least two months and three people making the attempt :wink2:
No pics this time, just an update. The octopus likes to mess with his food. We got a handfull of hermit crabs with shells the length of his mantle, he suffocated 2, pulled them out and plays with their shells, discarding the bodies. The other 2 he lets wander round, but not far.... s soon as they are more than a foot away from him, he lassoes them and drags them back.

Its hard to tell when he is hungry too, he'll beg and beg and tapdance and wave until you give him some clam or squid, he gets all excited, flashing and displaying, disappears to eat it, then stuffs his leftovers into a hole. If not the whole clam. Cute until cleaning time.
It is pretty cool. I'm pretty superstitious though about naming wetpets... every time I name them, they up and die on me :> Hence the title of the thread, as I am certain that its good health relies on the fact that it remains un-named :P

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