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Steve O'Shea

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Nov 19, 2002
Ed. See most recent post (January '06)

Hi all, just a wee note to the effect that I'll be online less often from now on (Sptember '5 onward). Have had a rather major job restructure, effective as of October 2005, that will keep me away for a wee while.
Thanks Tony. Things are progressing here and I am now 'unemployed' for 2 weeks (first time in my life since I was delivering newspapers on a bicycle, knee-high to a grasshopper that I've been unemployed).

Tintenfisch now resides in New Zealand :smile: , and in a few weeks we'll be posting away to our hearts content on all things biological to do with squid and octopus (as she embarks on her roller coaster ride of Discovery).

Someone has just donated to us a rather large and quite superb cylindrical octopus/squid tank, so you'll probably find us posting big time on ceph care for a while.... and very soon we'll be purchasing another specially designed tank for squid-rearing purposes.

Some fun news - Tintenfisch managed to get drenched (squirted big time) by a rather large octopus that took a sticky liking to her (it was a very confused octopus) that she was playing with in another marine lab a few days ago. Poor animal was stuck in a tank without anything to play with ... I've never seen such a playfull octopus actually - starved for attention/stimulation it was. I just worry, having seen the way the Tintenfish interacted with the 8-legged beast, how well the computer facilities and any artwork within squirting distance will survive with so much water about (although not a squirt of ink - it really was a happy octopus - happy to be played with that is).

Other news I could post here under this announcement topic is that the Haliphron manuscript has been accepted for publication (Discover magazine lists this as the # 96 'big story' for 2002 (though no mention of the giant squid larval capture :? ), although I have to make a few changes (as is always the case, and the changes are certainly for the better of the MS)), so soon, post publication, we'll be able to open that file up for public viewing without password.

That's it from me for the evening - am a tad tired. Oh, Tintenfisch is getting her photo taken in 2 days ... so the prediction that she'll be in the press 'this year' has come true already :biggrin2:. I'll try and find a link when the article comes out mid Feb to embarass her :wink:
Hey Steve!

Enjoy your R & R!!!! Goes really fast!!! Sounds like alot of exciting things are happening for you and Tinktinfisch!!!! I love it when I hear about Octopi's reaching out for attention!!! Can't imagine being squirted by a giant one!!!

Lots of luck to both of you in your new endeavers!!!!

Hi Steve,

Lots of good news from you! Congratulations on the publication of your article.

We will certainly welcome lots of postings on Ceph Care from you and Tintenfisch about your new octopus(es?). Don't forget to get some good photos of octo squirtings!

Sigh, I'm unemployed for one further week only!

Morrow we have 9 giant squid to examine .... including one probably the largest or as large as the largest I've seen - a whopping great female - must be 400 feet long..... Have been driving through town all day today with squid on trailers .... and we smell beaut!

Tuesday coming we're taking a trip up to an aquarium and donating them a preserved specimen .... so our holiday has become suspiciously work like.

Off to see LOTR2 in a mo :smile:
Yep, it's a busy week, but somewhere in there we managed to squeeze in Lord of the Rings (I think Steve got hooked on the Watcher in the Water :wink: ).
And about those nine squid we cut up, well, see new thread... :!: :mrgreen:
Howdo all. Well, we're doing part of the relocation today, in that Tintenfisch and I are heading north, laden to the gunnels with books, specimens, and 'stuff'. We'll probably check things out online before we go, but otherwise might not be about for a day or so.

We're both up and running! Should be in new offices by the beginning of next week. Then we can delete this thread :wink:
Another wee note (having changed the original topic title) to the effect that I'll be offline, on and off, through until June 10 2003. Will be travelling often, working away to drum up new and interesting news to post on TONMO, rather than rehashing the old.

Watch this space
Don't worry, we'll rehash through the old stuff on your behalf while you're gone. :smile: Plenty there to work with... Do check in from time to time during your travels!
Kat and I are in Australia (Tasmania) from today, through until 09 June; we'll try and log on somewhere, but not sure where/when (we're off to look at some rather stunning, bizarre new squid and octopus from high southern latitudes). Will have to post pics of the last Expo (NZ Boat Show and our squid/boat exhibit) when we return.

Toodles from us (for a while)
Now I'm green with envy. Tasmania is the part of Australia I most want to visit. Australian friends and other friends who have lived in Australia speak more highly of Tasmania than anywhere else in that vast expanse.


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