Oct 11, 2007
I was just wondering how you become a staff member on this site? Now calm down now, I know I only have 40 posts, and I'm not even a supporter yet (that is soon to change though, I love this site) but I do see some people I think should have reached that status by now. I am just wondering.

thanks, ryan
Hi Ryan,

No problem -- this question gets asked every so often. When I first built this site in May of 2000, I spent some time getting it situated with some basic content and community features. By early 2002 (I believe that was the year), I began adding staff because there was so much need for expertise, additional content, and moderation of the forums. There were a few folks who stood out at the time as being really strong contributors to the community, and so I asked them to join staff. Over the years there have been additions to staff (and a little bit of turnover), but for the most part the roster has remained stable. I think we've gone a couple of years without any staff changes (notwithstanding a couple of net-neutral "events" :smile:). I'm glad you like the site -- I think the team we have is the right team for this community, and so I currently have no plans to make any changes. I appreciate your interest in the topic!
Yes, don't get me wrong...I have been a mod on a couple sites, and I do delve into a little free lance web design, but I am only 16 so I have never been very active in the sites that I was moderating. But I would have to say this site is probably the most concise...concentrated amount of information I have seen, on any subject. It is ridiculously well kept and every one of its staff and just regular members for that sake is extremely devoted and willing to help with new comers on the subject. You did an excellent job putting this site together. Thank you, ryan.
Thanks very much! This site covers great subject matter, which attracts very interesting people. Members, supporters and staff together make what it is. I agree it's a fun place to visit!

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