Squiggly comes out of his shy shell


Oct 16, 2003
Today Squiggly has done nothing but play, and play, and play constantly hunting and searching he unburied 2 clams and looked like he was going to eat them but didnt. He caught a hermit crab and held it for an hour or so only to release it unharmed. I was becoming concerned seeing as this is the 3rd day I havnt seen him eat anything (doesnt mean he hasnt eaten anything just havnt seen him) he just played with his pieces of scallop by carrying them around and then blowing them with jets of water at the adult blood shrimp feeding them. There are tons of clam shells littering the ground along with baby blood shrimp that my pair had 2 days ago and amphipods in the tank, I'm sure he has to be eating something. I did a water test the spacific gravity, ph, alkalinity, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate are all normal, no copper is present in the water either. Maybe I am just paranoid but now that his personality has changed I just got concerned as if something is wrong. If I would see him eat something that would make me feel worlds better but I cant keep track of the little guy 24/7. Any comments as to this behavior would be greatly appreciated. Thx, Aaron

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