Squiddly Diddley, etc...

erich orser

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Nov 29, 2004
Hi Everybody,

I know this might be my own personal pet-peeve, but why do so many cartoonists and toy designers feel the need to put a representation of an octopus in a dorky undersized sailors' cap? Probably stupid to bring-up, but it irks me. Same with the need for artists to always try to put an anthropomorphic mouth on cephs. The best animated cephalopods always came out of Disney or MGM and they never needed to put a smiley-face on an octopus (of course, Walt Disney was notorious for sending his artists to the zoo or aquarium for days on end until they got the animal right).
AMC was just running "Reap the Wild Wind" and it struck me that the giant squid that eats John Wayne at the end appears to be the exact same puppet used about a decade later in "The Road to Bali", where it tries to eat Bob Hope. I wonder if it belonged to SAG: the "Squid Actors' Guild"! :sink:
Hey, I just presented a career report for school; I chose zoology. The poster is awesome, with a big, red squid intertwined with the headings and text.

My teacher thought there were no squids near Antarctica...I told her all about the NZ giants. :biggrin2:
Hi all

Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I just registered...I really can't believe there is a web site dedicated to cephs..I have learned and gained so much in a few days..good material for lesson plans for my Oceanography Club...

:welcome: Nice to have a another New Jersey person!!! Where do you teach? And Oceanography club....That is a wonderful thing! What age student? Will have to check my daughtors Schlastic Magazine!! Was that a recent issue?


I teach third grade...and have an after school Oceanography Club..the magazine is a teacher's resource magazine..I am from south/central Jersey....10 minutes from philly

peace, love, and fuzzy bunny slippers,

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