Blue Ring
Oct 28, 2004
Hi there again.

A while back I told you all about the little squidblog I was managing. See: Introducing: squidblog

Well I've now gone and bought the domain http://squidblog.net, and have moved the blog there. I'm also keen to get other people involved in writing for the squidblog, so if you are keen in becoming a contributor then drop me a line at [email protected]

I must admit that I get most of my (credible) information right here in the Tonmo forums, although I do also scour the web regularly for squid news. Still, I find that I am mainly reporting the topics that come up in these forums. I hope that is ok with everybody. I'm not trying to be a rival to Tonmo, but see myself as an easy one-stop source of up-to-date squid trivia.

[I'm also not the only squidblog out there, with the kind folks at SquidBlog.com is for sale | HugeDomains beating me to that domain name.]
Hello dub_doctor,

Your new page looks great. Well done. I'll be a regular visitor, as I do prefer decapods and all the octopods around here occasionally grate on my nerves.

By the way, whatever happened to that saucy troll? She never called me back.


Hi There,

I'm always a little suspicious when somebody posts here on Tonmo.com about how they're starting up their own new ceph site - always afraid somebody is going to try to steal what rightfully belongs here - but I'm totally in agreement with the previous posters, particularly about that Russian site. That rocks! I'm always afraid to post certain kind of stuff around here, so it's nice to find a site that appears wide-open to it. Hurray for grown-up content.

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