spot- appears the end is near


Sep 30, 2003
for about the past week spot has found a hole in a rock and hardly ever came out, today he has been out all morning, unfortunately he doesnt look good, hes kinda a pail grey and does not change colors at all, tried to feed him but he would not take the food, i touched his tentacle and i felt nothing, usually at least by reaction his suckers would have grabbed me, hes moving around the glass but i fear that he might have come out of hiding to pass away, as much fun as the cephs are, everytime one passes away i tell myself that this was the last one, i had spot for about 6 months wich is longer than i thought he would live given i bought im at an lfs and not in the greatest shape when i got him
Sorry to hear about Spot. Yes, you've done well to keep him that long, given how you got him.

How big is Spot now? Did you ever figure out what species he is?

It's painful for all us octo keepers when they pass away. Wish they would live longer!

he is about 9" arm to arm

i never possitively identified him, although i am inclined to stick with filossus (i dont think i spelled it right)

its sad, i am watching him die, he is clinging to the glass with only to arms the rest are just hanging, he moves them from time to time but not much, as if he is to weak to do anything with them

is there any humane way to stop his suffering or should i let him pass naturally?

So sorry. Yes, that's the way they die. It doesn't take so long but seems a very long time to us.

We've discussed this situation online recently and the consensus was it was better to let your octopus die naturally. We don't know that he is suffering.

with symapthy,

he is now laying on the sand, still breathing, but upside down, i flipped him over, he is obviously to weak to move

here are some pics, one of spot just 2 weeks ago and now in his final moments
Thanks for posting the pics. Spot is a handsome octopus. He managed to coexist with gorgonians, I see. Looks like Spot had a good place to live.

It's nice of you to stay by him.

a short video of spot in his final moments, its not very good quality and i had to use a dim flashlight in order to see him
for some reason the vid did not post, i will try again later not really in the mood right now
i went to the gym, sometime while i was gone spot took his last breath, he has now passed on R.I.P. Spot
i will take him to the intercoastal as soon as i can and give him a burial at sea

i have always gotten attached to all my little ceph friends, but for some reason spot was different, i will really miss him :cry:

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