Spike - ZyanSilver - Baby Bimac on his way!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
I just checked FedEx and he just left Tennessee...And Zyan, just so you know, the address is correct! I checked with FedEx! So by noon my new baby will have crossed the US to New Jersey! Very exciting! Will keep everyone updated!
He's here!!! Arrived at work at 11:30 EST....Box was wet so I was worried, but when I dug in the "hazordous waste bags....he was all curled up in the tube, Zyan packed with him, came out immediately to see what was peering at him, gave my coworkers a show of climbing all over the bag, even as far as peeking his eyes out of the water. I left work at 1PM, stopped for extra salt, just got done with a 1/4 water change and now he's dripping as we speak! Pics soon....very soon....
I also was amused at the "Hazardous Waste" bags. Lol. Blinky was just sitting in the water when she arrive, because she was double bagged, but one bag broke, and she crawled out of the one that broke into the second one, leaving the tube behind, lol. She just tried to eata snail that doesn't exist, lol. Empty turbo shell looked pretty appetizing to her I guess lol. Aren't they adorable? I'm also very proud of myself for resisting the urge to get a WC one, and wait for some CB ones to be available. it was very much worth it!
I don't know if they're truly CB or if they're just tank-raised. It depends on whether the mother was bred in captivity or if she was taken from the wild before or after laying. Maybe Zyan can chime in.

Good luck Carol, it sounds like he's an outgoing little guy!
They are tank raised. The mother was wild caught. But just consider, many more are surviving by going to good homes than would have made it in the wild.

From what I gather from the academic resources, bimacs aren't in any way threatened or under any population pressure. Unless people started keeping octos like they do clownfish I don't think we need to worry too much about grabbing a mother bimac once and a while. CB is nice, but not always necessary.
Yes...I got quite a kick out of the Haz Waste Bags!:smile: Especially when I was done dripping him, I like to let them come out of the bag on their own. Well this new baby decided to hang upside down off the bottom of the bag, with 6 of his legs curled up in a knot and 2 hanging onto the side of the bag. He had the conehead look, plus spikey, plus 1/2 white and 1/2 black look. When he did finally decide to let go, he puffed a very tiny amount of ink, and headed straight for a large shell I have in the middle of my tank. We went out Christmas shopping for several hours, and when I returned he's still in the shell with only "the eye" visable! Think the name will be "Spike".....pics coming soon.....
Congratulations! How exciting! After an accident with one of my shipments (that was double bagged), I now ship with a watertight (it is listed as 100% airtight and watertight) plastic box that I purchase at Target - no more wet boxes!
He's up this morn. Hanging at the front of his shell watching me. Flashing colors. The serpent star has discovered there's another octo in the tank and has taken up residence by him. In fact he's out hunting the small crab I just put in! :smile: Missed the crab, but grabbed a snail and retreated back to his shell. He had the snail look to his body. And was walking with all legs under him. Very strange.
Welcome to Spike! Sound like he's a bimac with attitude, or at least pretending not to be too scared.

I'm sure you're happy to have another bimac, Carol, and your new little octopus has found a good home.

Spike - Day 4

Jess and I went collecting last night at our local Inlet at low tide. Came back with a whole bag of tiny, baby crabs. We put about 10 in Spikes tank. He pounced immediately on one! His new location is the fabricated cave in the front of the tank. He has pulled shells around him, but is positioned so he can constantly watch us. Sometimes I can see only his eye, positioned out so he can see what I am up to. So far so good. Tank temp is staying at 72. I do not have a heater in the tank. Anyone who has access to the ocean, there are still baby crabs under the rocks at low tide and they do well in a home tank. I have 2 feeder tanks right now. One has the local crabs and the other is strictly the food that came with Spike.

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