Spidey vs. Dr. Octopus

i really hope its better..... while entertaining, i didnt think the first one was all that special.... but with a ceph-themed villian in the second, how can they go wrong? (rhetorical question since you should never underestimate Hollywood's power to screw things up)

:cthulhu: :heart: :beer:
I thought the first one was a bit of a letdown, I am very much looking forward to League of XG! I get to see it before Phil!

The good thing about these films is that I get to use them in my "Biological Effects of Radiation" lecture at work, I start with the Hollywood version of Radiobiology all about Spiderman, the Hulk (too much gamma), Godzilla (nuclear testing), Incredible shrinking man (radioactive mist) and so on, before we do the real thing, much less exciting and more gross :yuck:

I have to thank Phil for his vast knowledge of weirdness, he knew loads more than I did. So, if Dr Octopus was the result of radiation, I have another to add to my list.....is he?

well, if radiation is so beneficial, maybe we should crank out a few neutron bombs :roll: .... (last time i looked, none were ever built by the US [officially] )

id irradiate all kinds of reptiles if i could get them to come out looking like the original godzilla..... suffice to say im not to thrilled with roland emmerich after his little iguana movie.....

:cthulhu: :heart: the toho version of godzilla
In Spectacular Spider-Man 28, the story is about one of Parker's students who is fascinated by cephalopods and wants to be a marine biologist. It's a decent read. This is one of the "unmasked" issues. It also features Dr Octopus.

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