If you are actually serious, try cutting your comments and running them through a word processing program such as Microsoft Word. No offense, but it would have caught the wrighting/wright thing.
just keep trying more correct sentences on comp and more and more and more. Thats what helped me in keyboarding class.(hehe i used aol to practice)
I would also recommend picking up a dictionary...I use mine constantly!!! Type a little slower, and soon enough you will be just fine...
Just so you know, Clownfish, you were not the one typing in coded sentences...John and Dr.SOS picked up on that one right away !

Besides irritating the grammar/spelling Nazis, there is another thing to consider: This forum is supposed to be an internet-based (in other words world-wide) source of information to assist other people and allow them to share information. It can be very difficult to understand English when it is not your primary language. L33t speak, internet slang, or sloppy typing can make it nearly impossible for other people to understand what you’re saying, and therefore renders the information that you’re presenting completely useless to them. Ever try to use an online translation program? You’re lucky if you can understand even well-written sentences.

So, consider your efforts to be a worthy public service as well. :)

Highlight your reply. Right click. Choose Copy. Open Microsoft Word. Right Click. Choose Paste. Fix all the mistakes. They will be underlined. They even offer suggestions for grammar.

By the way, you wrote. I am writing.
If you download the free Google toolbar onto your internet explorer it has its own spell checker specially used for replying in forum's boxes... i use it from time to time :)

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